a short and sweet ceremony

Had the pleasure to shoot Mark & Stephanie’s wedding. A very lovely, super laid back couple. One side of the family from Texas, the other from the Philippines. Made a short one-minute film on my iPhone from an app my wife turned me on to.

Here are a few moments from the evening at Pendleton winery in Cloverdale, California.



I have to thank the Pendleton family who hosted the event for the wonderful dinner and enjoyable evening. Hope to see you all again. – Erik


family visit – Finger Lakes, NY

A late Spring visit to Kueka Lake, NY and almost all our time spent: early morning swims, grilled clams, lightning storms, fireflies over calm water, melted ice cream, New York pizza by-the-slice, cousins, mothers, father-in-law, a sister, World Cup on TV, chicken taquitos made on two separate days, avocados like $5 each, horse and buggies with Mennonite children, old family jokes, wet clothes, Franny & Zooey, not enough time, too many memories, too many ways to jump in cold water, too many days not at this Lake.

- June 5-17, 2014.

Eli-Running    PennYan_1796





My week at the Russian River

Here are a few images of some long-time Russian River dwellers that will appear in the next issue of Sonoma Magazine. Writer John Beck wrote a beautiful piece about what life was like for these subjects in their youth while they lived along the river. RiverStories
River Keeper Don McEnhill on the remains of the Del Rio Dam. Now 51, McEnhill said his parents took him here when he was just a few days old and he’s never wanted to leave.

RiverStoriesSuki Waters on Penny Island in Jenner. This was Suki’s playground as a kid and to me it felt like the Garden of Eden. We both wandered the lush island eating sun-warmed wild raspberries while I kept hearing Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony in my head.

Guerneville historian John Schubert. We spent nearly an hour wading in the cool waters at Johnson’s Beach while he told me a million stories about a whole cast of characters he knew as a kid. Good sport for going in fully clothed too.

93-year-old Johnson’s Beach owner Clare Harris at the helm. The guy runs the place with a seemingly unyielding amount of energy. Johnson’s Beach won’t be the same place without out him and he knows it.

RiverStoriesI really fell in love with the characters in this magazine piece, but what struck me most was how moved I was by the sense of mortality that came from spending quiet moments on the river like this one on a decaying monument like the Del Rio Dam.