The Making of BROKEN – NPPA Magazine

The National Press Photographers Association published an 8-page story about what it took to independently produced at 14-month-long photo essay about a homeless couple living in Santa Rosa, California. From that 2017 Valentine's Day morning when I walked downtown looking for homeless subjects in what felt like a huge throw of the dice and now... Continue Reading →


A Brutal Murder

TEXAS STORY +++ In 2003, after recently moving to Texas I met this young man Ross Byrd at a chapel in Huston-TIllotson College in Austin, TX. I sat near him while we watched a documentary about how his father James Byrd Jr. had been brutally murdered by being dragged to death from the back of... Continue Reading →

Discussing BROKEN – SRJC Arts & Lecture

Santa Rosa Junior College offered me the opportunity to discuss BROKEN, my year-long project with homeless couple Steve and Michelle. It was an opportunity to explain why long term documentary photography is vital to understanding complex social issues. It also helped explain that in order to see something like Steve's relationship with his son it... Continue Reading →

Seadrift Beach

<p><a href="">Seadrift Beach New Years Day 2019</a> from <a href="">erik castro | photojournalist</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p> I've always seen the camera as just a tool. Whether it's my big SLR Nikon or my iPhone I get the same sense of expression from both. A New Years Day at the beach shot with my iPhone. January... Continue Reading →


I met these three ghost hunters on assignment for The Press Democrat. They are members of┬áNor-Cal Paranormal Research Society based in Cloverdale, California. We went to their favorite place to search out those in the after life, the Cloverdale Cemetery. I arrived early and roamed the old graveyard photographing some of the weathered tombstones. It... Continue Reading →

BROKEN in newsprint

The Press Democrat gave 2 days of front page coverage to tell the complete story of BROKEN, a year-long project that aims at showing intimate details of life for homeless couple Steve Singleton and Michelle Last. No doubt the editors and staff at The Press Democrat have thrown all their support behind this project which... Continue Reading →

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