music for Anything Helps

I'm in the middle of working on the music that will be in my new multimedia piece, Anything Helps. I'm using a set up from my Seattle days in a band. I've got the Vox, a well worn Strat and an assortment of pedals. The music is going to be an important part, because it... Continue Reading →


mobile photography exhibit

I was thrilled to be a part of the original IMBY exhibit at SlaughterHouseSpace curated by Dominica Egan & Pat Lenz. Also thrilled to haveĀ 9 prints, including this one, at that first show. They're doing a redux at Sonoma County Museum until Feb. 24th...check it out. Nine images from original show at this link: IMBY... Continue Reading →

young & homeless in northern california

I just started a new multimedia piece about being young and homeless in Northern California....or to be more specific, Santa Rosa. It's going to premier at a May 4th event for the non-profit organization SAY - Social Advocates for Youth. So far, it's been an emotional, difficult to manage and eye-opening experience. Definitely a much... Continue Reading →

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