music for Anything Helps

guitarI’m in the middle of working on the music that will be in my new multimedia piece, Anything Helps. I’m using a set up from my Seattle days in a band. I’ve got the Vox, a well worn Strat and an assortment of pedals.

The music is going to be an important part, because it will give the viewer something to lean on while listening to these powerful and intimate stories of life on the streets.

Feels great to be writing music again.


mobile photography exhibit

I was thrilled to be a part of the original IMBY exhibit at SlaughterHouseSpace curated by Dominica Egan & Pat Lenz. Also thrilled to have 9 prints, including this one, at that first show.

They’re doing a redux at Sonoma County Museum until Feb. 24th…check it out.

Nine images from original show at this link: IMBY SlaughterHouse Exhibit 

young & homeless in northern california

FLYERI just started a new multimedia piece about being young and homeless in Northern California….or to be more specific, Santa Rosa. It’s going to premier at a May 4th event for the non-profit organization SAY – Social Advocates for Youth.

So far, it’s been an emotional, difficult to manage and eye-opening experience. Definitely a much needed look at a reality existing in the wine country.

I’ll post a trailer soon.