ANYTHING HELPS – coming May 2013


I’m releasing a 9-minute video about three young current/former homeless individuals to raise awareness about the lives of homeless youth in Sonoma County for the Santa Rosa based non-profit Social Advocates for Youth (SAY). The piece will premier at their May 4th fundraiser in Santa Rosa, California.

This trailer features 22-year-old Matt Lytle who is currently homeless and has spent the last seven years of his life on the streets; much of the time in the Santa Rosa area.


coming fall 2013

NCW comp 11

Ten Speed Press is scheduled to release the wine book that I photographed on November 5, 2013.

Written by San Francisco Chronicle wine editor Jon Bonné.

“A comprehensive guide to the must-know wines and producers of California’s “new generation,” and the story of the innovative youngwinemakers who have changed the face of California viniculture.” Ten Speed Press

Amazon link to pre-order book

My 3-minutes with George Lucas

I spent about 3 hours at Skywalker Ranch in Marin to photograph George Lucas for the San Francisco Chronicle—they gave me 180-seconds of that visit to get a portrait of Lucas.

I spent most of my 3-minutes chatting with him about kids, Joseph Campbell and at one point I made him crack a smile as I crawled around his desk looking for a different angle while telling him I that I felt like a house cat. He was an incredibly gentle presence to me.

Thankfully, he accepted my request for a few more clicks (after his interview with the reporter) near a window I saw when I entered his home. It was in those quick shots that I captured that amazing Lucas hair and that knowledgeable gaze.

See story/photo gallery: George Lucas proposes Presidio museum