Road Trip – California Coast

IMG_4680Took a road trip down the California coast. Beaches by where I live are gnarly, dangerous and painfully cold. My kids react to a beach in Santa Cruz they could actually swim in without getting hypothermia.

IMG_4568My son turned 4 on the road. He and his sister enjoy his birthday cake at a coffee shop counter in Monterey, CA. It was the Edward Hopper moment of the trip.

IMG_4600“We stopped into a church, we passed along the way…”


Devin & Laura Wedding – Tomales Bay, CA

Lammers_4234I really enjoyed my time with Devin and Laura, especially these quiet moments in the car on their way to the reception after they made their vows overlooking Point Reyes.

They were so pleasant to be with and Devin even thanked me during one of his toasts at dinner…a very thoughtful gesture.

Lammers_2004  Lammers_7083

Lammers_5290 Lammers_5814