Ceritas Harvest – Santa Cruz Mountains

I’ve been working with winemaker John Raytek and his wife Phoebe for the last year. I spent the morning with them harvesting chardonnay grapes at Peter Martin Ray vineyard in the Santa Cruz Mountains for their Ceritas label.

This morning harvest felt quiet, lonely and introspective at times.    CeritasPMR_0214-BW





CeritasPMR_0512-BWOwner Peter Martin Ray.



Fall Home Design Magazine Shoot

The San Francisco Chronicle hired me to shoot their upcoming Fall magazine devoted to home design. They wanted one shooter for the entire issue.

Here are some shots from the 2-week shoot.fallhome01_diyThe simple elegant beauty of Max Gunawan’s Lumio book-light. San Francisco


fallhome01_diyDavid Patchen working the some 2000 °F ovens to make his creations at Public Glass in San Francisco. He was thrilling to photograph and I was thankful that he kept me from ending up in the emergency room. That heat was intense. I got dizzy from it at one point.

fallhome01_chenDerek Chen at his designer collective known as Council. San Francisco

These two were an absolute blast to photograph. They kept me entertained throughout the shoot. It was their show, I was just glad to be invited. Robert A. Clink, left and Jonathan Rachman at The Revelation Companies. Mill Valley, CA

fallhome01_collaborationsThese dudes are passionate about where you place your bum. Designer Michael Friedes, left, and Jim Berrens of Cypress Furniture. Hayward, CA

Super cool and easy-going sculptor William Rose who lives in the SoMa in San Francisco. He takes spent fire extinguishers and turns them into tiki lights.