Sonoma Farmers

Spent some time recently with a few farmers in Sonoma County for a piece going in the next issue of Sonoma Magazine. I love the natural light where I live.  


A perfect match: photojournalism + weddings

As a photojournalist I spend most of my time with new acquaintances in both joyful and stressful moments in their lives, all while trying to photograph each person with as little intrusion as possible. So shooting wedding has always been a natural fit for me and something I've always enjoyed doing. I keep it simple.... Continue Reading →

Unforgettable Journey

I was eating carnitas with writer Jon Bonn√© at Nopalito in San Francisco to discuss working with him on a new book about California winemakers which was just published today. Jon's pitch was simple. He wanted to shine the light on winemakers, young and old, that he believed to be the future of great California... Continue Reading →

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