Portrait on homeless youth for local magazine

I was recently hired to shoot an in-depth portrait on homeless youths in Santa Rosa with writer Jeremy Hay for Sonoma Magazine. We had 2 weeks to find subjects and tell their stories. Here’s some images from subjects that will appear in the magazine piece:Jeramy_0449
Jeramy Lowther Jr., 19. I first met him sleeping in the garage of a friend’s home. We messed around on an acoustic guitar for a bit then I photographed him looking for a morning meal at one of the youth shelters. A favorite moment no doubt was this one above on the bus.

Charlotte Warren & Jesse Dirks, both 21. Charlotte, whose been homeless for 6 years, recently stopped shooting meth and now dates Jessie who has spent the last year sleeping under playground equipment on a quiet low-lit street in the West End neighborhood of Santa Rosa.

Gerri Jackson, 22. I met Gerri late one evening in his small camping tent in a wooded area of Howarth Park. Five days a week he attends Santa Rosa Junior College. He said he hopes to get his Associate’s degree and plans to return to Chicago to attend the university and one day become an engineer. He deserves all the help he can get with a dream like that in a situation like his.

Link to Sonoma Magazine story: LOST IN PARADISE


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