mix bag of recent work

Surfer_1336Spent some time at Bodega Bay shooting LIOCO winemaker Matt Licklider…Thrilled he wanted a shot without a vineyard in the background.

photo by: ERIK CASTRO © 2014 all rights reserved.Mike Kennedy, a New Yorker now living in Larkspur, California is putting out his first album and I shot him not far from his home. My favorites were all the ones where he is smoking.

books&cooks_sonomaI did a piece for Sonoma Magazine about writers visiting Sonoma County through food events. Here Frances Mayes, author of “Under The Tuscan Sun,” speaking at Spinster Sisters in Santa Rosa.books&cooks_sonomaLiza Hinman of Spinster Sisters doing her thing during the author event.11SAYDid a quick event shoot for The Press Democrat and came across two major supporters of my work; Matt Martin & Cat Cvengros of Social Advocates for Youth during their yearly fundraising event held next-door to my son’s preschool.MattAdrian_0110  MattAdrian_3280A couple of images from my back-up photographer shoot with friend and colleague Charlie Gesell who is always a blast to shoot with at any event.Image_33Lastly, I did career day at Elsie Allen High School in Santa Rosa. I did two sessions both filled with Freshman students and they all loved this shot from inside a Texas prison I took while living in Austin. Great group of kids at that school.


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