Some favorites from 2016

potThese are a few images from my shoot for Leafly, an online resource for news and information about cannabis. I photographed a popular cannabis festival known as The Emerald Cup in Santa Rosa, California. State voters just passed a ballot measure legalizing recreational use of marijuana and there was plenty on hand to sample at this event.

Punchdown Body & FruitOver the Fall I photographed winemakers and their staff during the process after harvest when the grapes come into their warehouses. This shoot was for Sonoma Magazine with the photo editor saying “Just have fun with it.” The idea was to show some of the physical contact that goes on during the winemaking process. I focused on winemakers that produce in small quantities. Here’s a shot of employee Samantha Pelham cleaning out a fermentation tank at Wind Gap Wines in Sebastopol, California.


This was a big year for the HARVESTER project. The NY Times did a online piece on the project just as the HARVESTER exhibition was going on at Christie Marks Gallery in Santa Rosa. I came across many gallery visitors with tears in their eyes showing me that even though presidential elections brought out some fiercely ugly language against immigrants coming into the US, there are still many people who have kept their humanity. Sonoma Magazine put the face of Fernando Perez, 50, from Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico on the cover and I did manage to find Fernando to hand him a copy of the magazine. I’ll be photographing again during harvest 2017 with a book in the future.

untitled-1Not everyday I can ask a stranger, “Hey, can I take your picture to put in a museum that’s just down the road?” But that’s exactly what I did for Sonoma Valley Museum of Art. The museum asked that I capture 50 portraits of the first 50 people to agree to be photographed at a shopping center in Sonoma, California. Above are some of the incredible faces I found on that cold, rainy Monday morning.



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